Hilton Garden Inn

Springfield, NJ

Coordination with other trades was critical throughout this venture which we did consistently.This led to peace of mind for the client, knowing we were working efficiently and meeting their needs at every corner. The diversity of equipment on this site while seamlessly integrating existing and new construction proves we are up to any commercial challenge.

IMG_5590 (2).JPG

SHI International

Piscataway, NJ

This 307,000 square foot warehouse involved some very large duct, some with over a 60"Ø. Successfully completed on time and within budget, it’s a great example of delivering on our promise of quality products while ensuring absolute client satisfaction.

Trinity Christian School Gymnasium

Monvtille, NJ

This job required uniqueness and creativity using atypical materials in a very visually exposed area. Michael Worthing Company managed to deliver quality results on time and within budget. We worked closely with this client to understand their needs and preferences, and the success of the outcome speaks for itself.

Trinity 4.JPG

Brightview Senior Community

Tenafly, NJ

While working at this site, as with all projects, we maintained strict adherence to SMACNA standards and upheld compliance to industry practices. At Michael Worthing Company, our goal is to bring your vision to life while working in a safe and energy-efficient way.


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